Hollier Front Yard

Our clients work with our landscape architects, maintenance account managers and foremen to devise your tailored maintenance program. We offer flexibility in frequency and levels of control.

Our crew leaves a weekly report with each client outlining what they have done during that visit. We invite our clients to keep an open line of communication with us by leaving door hangers for your requests. Our trucks are equipped with radios, and the crews carry pagers in order to streamline communication efficiency.

As an added benefit, each maintenance client is assigned an account manager to assist with seasonal color selections at no additional fee. Also our landscape architects are available to you by appointment for design and installation related services.

Well maintained front yard in Uptown New Orleans


We mow our lawns with mulching mowers designed to return the nutrients to the soil.

Blossoming trees in manicured Uptown New Orleans yard


We prune small trees, shrubs and ground cover to maintain desired forms and any other necessary pruning which coincides with general horticultural practices.

Landscape design of bricks, stone tiles, flowers, and bushes

Weed Control

We manually weed beds and use a post emergent weed control in larger open areas. We also keep your paved surfaces free of weeds growing in cracks and along curbs.

Precision landscaped ivy covers brick wall in Uptown New Orleans

Weekly Cleanup

We remove debris from all lawns, curbs and landscaped areas on a weekly basis.

Hedge design in New Orleans garden

Freeze Protection

Freeze protection is provided and must be requested at time of contract in order to plan ahead for these unpredictable events.

Fertilization and Spraying

We advise that all lawns be sprayed six times a year (for fertilization, control of insects, weeds and disease) by a professional horticultural spray company.